Realistic Paintings with Acrylics

"I have been inspired by the nature, people and cultures around me and this is what reflected in my paintings"

Acrylic Portrait on Canvas

Acrylic Painting on Canvas

Acrylic on Paper Tutorial

Acrylic Portrait on Paper

Acrylic Still Life Painting

Acrylic Still Life Tutorial

Nose Acrylic Painting on Paper

Lip Acrylic Painting on Paper

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Old Man Portrait Painting In Acrylic

Old Man Portrait Painting In Acrylic

This Acrylic portrait painting was commissioned by a son for his father's 85th birthday gift. His father was completely fit at this age and happily agreed for the photo shoot for this painting. From multiple photographs, I have decided to take this profile picture for my project. This profile has the expression that I was looking for. I have found a beautiful eye expression here, though it was tough for him to tackle the strong sunlight for that moment.