Easy Method for Mixing Skin Tone in Acrylic

Nagaland Girl in Acrylic on Canvas

Acrylic paint is always being my favorite medium when it comes to painting a portrait. Despite its flaws as the quickest drying medium, it gives me immense control to correct any mistakes immediately. Many Artist complains about its quick-drying property as a difficulty for blending, but I found it more interesting because you don’t have to wait too long to experiment new techniques.

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How To Paint A Brass Or Golden Pot In Acrylic

Brass Pot in Acrylic on Paper

A silver surface is when highly polished, seems like it doesn’t have its own color. It appears usually colorless. It shows its unique identity by reflecting and distorting the lights coming from surrounding objects. But unlike silver, Golden or Brass metal objects reflect its own yellow tints keeping all the other qualities of silver. Same in case of  Copper color, which reflects the coral tint instead of yellow.

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How To Paint An Apple In Acrylic On Paper

Colors in that Apple:
Shadows in Apple

Though it is very much correct to assume that the color of an Apple in red, but in reality, it is more complex than simply one red color. It’s a mixture of many colors. In this example, as the light source is falling onto the Apple from one direction, it forms a cast shadow on the paper, which is considered as the shadow developed by blocking the light source by the object and another one is form shadow which is developed due to not reaching light around the object. So we have found a range of colors ranging from darker to lighter from that same red color of that Apple.

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Realistic Eye Painting in Acrylics on Paper

Steps for Painting Eye in Acrylics:

Realistic Eye Painting in Acrylic on Paper
Materials Used:

Though my first choice is a canvas for any type of painting, whether it is Oils of Acrylics, for this demo I have used an A4 125 gsm Paper. Why? just to save a canvas for another project.

So, what is the point of using a paper then? It is definitely not the right choice for professionals. Me too. But it will save you a lot in terms of money if you just want to practice your Acrylics or even Oils. It will not give you the feel of canvas, but your practice will not stop. Because it will come cheap for practice.

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Mixing Skin Tone in Acrylics with Primary Colors

Mixing Hand Skin Tone:
Hand Color Tone with Primary Colors.

As opposed to the Palm skin tone, which I have discussed in the section Mixing Palm Skin tone with Primary Colors, the opposite side of the palm is usually quite darker. The color is quite Brownish in my case. To achieve this color, I have used the primary colors only, like Crimson and Yellow Ochre with a little Ultramarine Blue. But to make the value further down we have to add little white on it. It’s again a matter of trial and error. A very important point should be remembered while choosing the primary colors. As I am not choosing the pure primary colors for this example, like Cadmium Yellow, Scarlet Lake, and Cobalt Blue. The reason behind this is simple, I just want to achieve a rather darker skin tone type. The true primary colors will help you achieve fairer tone.

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Painting Skin Tone in Acrylics & Oils with Primary Colors

Mixing Palm Skin Tone with Primary Colors:

Mixing Palm Skin Tone with Primary Colors
Understanding Skin Tone:

Actually, there is no specific rule for achieving human skin tone. Each other artist finds their own way to mix skin tone with a different approach. Which makes each artist and their works special from each other. Skin tones not only differ from human to human, it hugely depends on the environment too. In an outdoor portrait photography, we can easily observe lightest skin tone color towards the source of light and some reflective colors which usually due to environmental reflection, like sky color, tree color or color of the cloths itself. 

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